Starpond Inc. Introduces Cyber Alarm Antivirus for Salesforce

CyberAlarmBannerSecuring corporate data and preventing Malware attacks before they happen is important to our customers.

Cyber Alarm Antivirus for Salesforce provides a native prevention capability to scan Attachments before they can enter into your Salesforce platform. Cyber Alarm maintains a comprehensive list of Antivirus Signatures which are updated daily.

To activate all of the features of Cyber Alarm including real time upload protection, you can email to request a quotation for a full license.

Utilizing the free version you can use Cyber Alarm Antivirus against a selection of previously uploaded attachments. You can also download the AV Test File to test the virus scanner detection capability here:

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Managing Documents and File Attachments in Salesforce can be a challenge. Integrating to company storage systems can be an expensive option.
Luckily there is an easy way for Salesforce Document Management and File Storage. The Cloudpond S3 Connector for Salesforce.
With the Cloudpond S3 Connector, a Dynamic Folder structure will be maintained automatically while you add attachments up to 1 GB in your CRM. A Multi-file uploader and built In search within S3 means the Cloudpond S3 Connector allows you to utilize the cost efficiencies of Amazon S3 storage with Salesforce. Just common sense, that’s all. Available in the Salesforce AppExchange


What we can learn from Netflix and Instagram about Cloud Storage

What can you learn from Instagram and Netflix to save thousands?

Cloudpond-For-SalesforceWhat do both of these companies do regarding cloud file storage that we can learn from? Both utilize AWS S3 to store files in the cloud in a very cost efficient way. After 42 consecutive price reductions, it is no secret that Amazon AWS is an industry leader in cost efficient cloud file storage. So how can your company utilize S3 to save thousands, accomplish effective document management and rid your bottom line of cloud storage application cost?  The answer is the Cloudpond S3 Connector for Salesforce, now available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Document Management and Cloud file storage Integration with Salesforce does not need to be expensive. Don’t get boxed in by the high prices of Enterprise Storage licensing!  Cloudpond S3 Connector connects the Salesforce CRM directly into your company’s AWS S3 account.  It maintains a folder system in AWS that matches your CRM’s every object instance, its record Id and its record name.  Cloudpond’s folder system inside S3 is dynamic and will mirror your Salesforce Record attachments.

We would like you to try Cloudpond S3 Connector today.  We connect the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce with one of the most popular and affordable cloud storage systems: Amazon  S3. So get Cloudpond now for your Salesforce Org .  Stop paying outrageous prices for integration licensing or using other other per seat cloud storage providers.  Install  Cloudpond S3 Connector in the AppExchange  to connect Salesforce to your S3 storage. Then ask yourself why you would ever need anything else for Salesforce file storage?  Requires an AWS Account with S3.  
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Join Starpond Software at the Brisbane Salesforce Meetup Group on March 1st, 11:30

Starpond will present how to integrate Amazon S3 Storage with Salesforce

Starpond Software Brisbane Salesforce and Amazon Cloud Integration

Contact: Ed Stachyra  0488073800, Starpond Software Pty Ltd

Amazon and Salesforce Integration Brisbane

Amazon and Salesforce Integration Brisbane

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