Starpond Software

Starpond Software based in Alexandria VA. is a leading global cybersecurity software developer. We specialize in Salesforce Development, Cyber Security  and Mobile Apps.  Our mobile apps are deployed on Android and iOS devices in every major market in the world and our Lightning, Visualforce and Salesforce Development products service hundreds of thousands of people world wide.

We love software and it shows! From our Mobile Dev to our amazing Salesforce Applications to Cybersecurity or simply helping your business process in the cloud with our advanced Salesforce Application Development.   Starpond has you covered with our friendly customer service.

Its all about our customer

Software aside, we are not happy till our customer is happy with our service and support perfection.  We assist our customers with our friendly customer support.  If you need help, we are there for you.  Customer support is available via email and toll free phone support.

‘State of the Art’ is our domain

At Starpond we believe in pushing the boundaries of design and expectation.  As we develop our products we ensure they are accessible from all internet devices to include portable devices including iOS and Android.  We use state of the art technologies like our cutting edge Lightning, Visualforce and Apex Development.   Starpond’s amazing design and secure products will set our products apart from everyone else.

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