Cloudpond S3 Connector Releases Version 3.0 into Salesforce Appexchange

Cloudpond S3 Connector has released Version 3.0 into the Salesforce Appexchange. Cloudpond S3 Connector 3.0 allows you to connect Salesforce Record attachments and files to any S3 Bucket of your choice! All worldwide S3 Buckets are supported. No middle servers involved! Store files securely from your own Salesforce org directly to your own local AWS S3 Bucket!

It is important for many organizations to store files in their own country or jurisdiction. Cloudpond S3 Connector for Salesforce version 3.0 allows you to choose from USA, Frankfurt, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Canada, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Beijing, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and Bahrain.

Store your Salesforce file data in your own AWS locality. Get it now in the Appexchange at:

For support help email or call (703) 486-6258