Cloudpond S3 Connector

Introducing the Cloudpond S3 Connector for Salesforce.   A simple 3 step setup and license your entire org!

Offered only in the Salesforce AppExchange

Easily Connect your Salesforce Object Instances to your own Amazon S3 Storage.

Cloudpond S3 Connector by Starpond Software Inc. is an AWS S3 storage connector utility for Salesforce object instances. Simple, efficient and effective.

    • Automatically creates folders in S3 as you attach files to CRM Object instances
    • Allows you to add searchable comments on each file uploaded
    • Custom Object Support, Multi-file upload ability

Cloudpond S3 Connector by Starpond Inc. is a storage connector utility for Salesforce. Cloudpond S3 Connector allows each instance of an Account, Contact, Contract, Case or any Custom Object to be attached to it’s own folder in an Amazon AWS S3 Bucket. The Cloudpond S3 connector adds the files and folders Dynamically in S3. It operates automatically as you attach the files in Salesforce.

Simple, efficient and effective. A Free 30 Day Trial is included. Cloudpond Supports connecting Salesforce to AWS S3 Buckets in the USA, Frankfurt, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Canada, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Beijing, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and Bahrain.

Cloudpond S3 Connector has been carefully engineered to be the best Salesforce S3 Connector available with support for Salesforce 1 iOS Mobile and Salesforce Communities. Migrating to a new Salesforce Org? It even reconnects the S3 files to any new Salesforce Org you may migrate to. Completely reliable and future proof. Dont risk your Salesforce Attachments with any other solution. Cloudpond S3 Connector provides the best system with no middle servers required. Easy to backup and restore or migrate to new Salesforce Orgs. Start your trial today!

For Support please contact or simply call 1-703-486-6258 or email

Offered only in the Salesforce AppExchange

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