Cyber Alarm 3.0 for Salesforce now available in Appexchange

Starpond Software announces the new Cyber Alarm 3.0 for Salesforce, now available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Cyber Alarm Antivirus provides a native Salesforce prevention capability to scan Attachments and Files for thousands of current virus signatures before they can enter into your Salesforce platform.  Cyber Alarm maintains a comprehensive list of Antivirus Signatures which are updated daily.

We hope you enjoy using Cyber Alarm Attachment Scan for free.  To activate all of the features of Cyber Alarm including real-time upload protection, you can email to request a quotation for a full license.

Utilizing the free version you can use Cyber Alarm Antivirus to scan files and attachments against a selection of virus signatures.  You can also schedule a full org scan.  You can download the AV Test File to test the virus scanner detection capability here.    We at Starpond Software are committed to keeping your Attachments safe and malware-free.  Please contact Support with any questions at

Get it now in the Salesforce Appexchange.